Our Story

Fashion is fuel for confidence, but our mission goes beyond what we wear. Welcome to the good.

"He Saw That It Was Good", a novel by Sho Baraka coming May 2021.

good. news

From the doers of good to those who report it, lets illuminate together.

The stories that saturate our new cycles and twitter feeds often highlight the darkest parts of our culture, but what if we change the narrative? We believe in TRUTH. And truth is, there's a whole lot of good. in the world. Check out this month's featured good. news here.

good. art

Reconnecting humans with beauty through the power of imagination.

Art isn't just about the creative process. Its about emotional exploration, expression, and appreciating our differences while discovering what we share. From film to fashion, we make and embrace good. art. Check out this month's featured good. artists here.

"Try This" a show exploring various levels of culinary delight coming soon.
Linen loom

good. life

Where thanksgiving is the mindset & enjoying those things are the goal.

What are the elements that make up the good. life? Family? Friends? Faith? Freedom? Fun? Fashion? Food? The good life is much more than a compliation of f-words (although we're pretty into them). We hope to introduce some things to you that we don't ever want to live without, and in turn, we hope you embrace those things in your world as well. Check out this month's featured good. life makers here.